Enrolment Procedure

  • Information/Admission Area. Proceed to the information area to obtain information about your admission. The information personnel shall provide you the admission requirement slip [Location: AVR (E-Room) 1st Floor]
  • Examination Area. Take the aptitude exam at the designated examination area.[Location: Room 102 for Senior High (1st Floor), Computer Laboratory for college (2nd Floor)]
  • Admission All Levels. Return to the information/admission area for the issuance of your student number and pre-enrollment form as well as encoding of personal information (Personal information form). Complete the data needed in the pre-enrollment form. Summit all admission requirements. [Location: AVR/E-room (1st Floor)]
  • Information/Admission area. Proceed to room 103 for your assessment and advising/encoding of subjects. Present your pre-enrollment form ad get a copy of your tuition fee assessment. Present your pre-enrollment form and get a copy of your supplies assessment.Location: [Room 103 (1st floor ) for college, Room 101(1st Floor) for Basic Education]
  • <em>Cashier’s Office. Present all assessment forms (T.F. and Supplies). Pay the required amount of down payment for enrollment.[Location: Cashier’s Office (1st Floor)]
  • Enrollment/issuance of registration form. Submit all original copies of your admission requirements. Present the fully accomplished pre-enrollment form and the official receipt for the printing of your registration form.[Location: Room 101 (1st floor) for Basic Education. Room 103 (1st floor) for college]
  • ID Application. Present your registration form to the ITS department/office in charge for ID application. [Location: Room 104 A(1st Floor)]

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